K.V. (Kim) Annink MSc

K.V. (Kim) Annink MSc

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  • Physician assistant children

Research Output (18)

Proceedings of the 14th International Newborn Brain Conference:Other forms of brain monitoring, such as NIRS, fMRI, biochemical, etc

Ali Sanoj et al. 17 Aug 2023, In: Journal of neonatal-perinatal medicine. 16 , p. S63-S73

Introduction of ultra-high-field MR brain imaging in infants:vital parameters, temperature and comfort

van Ooijen I. M., Annink K. V., Benders M. J.N.L., Dudink J., Alderliesten T., Groenendaal F., Tataranno M. L., Lequin M. H., Hoogduin J. M., Visser F., Raaijmakers A. J.E., Klomp D. W.J., Wiegers E. C., Wijnen J. P., van der Aa N. E. Jun 2023, In: Neuroimage: Reports. 3 6 p.

Mammillary body atrophy and other MRI correlates of school-age outcome following neonatal hypoxic-ischemic encephalopathy

Annink Kim V, de Vries Linda S, Groenendaal Floris, Eijsermans Rian M J C, Mocking Manouk, van Schooneveld Monique M J, Dudink Jeroen, van Straaten Henrica L M, Benders Manon J N L, Lequin Maarten, van der Aa Niek E 3 Mar 2021, In: Scientific Reports. 11 , p. 1-12

Pathophysiology of Cerebral Hyperperfusion in Term Neonates With Hypoxic-Ischemic Encephalopathy:A Systematic Review for Future Research

Kleuskens Dianne G, Gonçalves Costa Filipe, Annink Kim V, van den Hoogen Agnes, Alderliesten Thomas, Groenendaal Floris, Benders Manon J N, Dudink Jeroen 2 Feb 2021, In: Frontiers in Pediatrics. 9 , p. 631258

Glomerular Filtration Rate in Asphyxiated Neonates Under Therapeutic Whole-Body Hypothermia, Quantified by Mannitol Clearance

Deferm Neel, Annink Kim V, Faelens Ruben, Schroth Michael, Maiwald Christian A, Bakkali Loubna El, van Bel Frank, Benders Manon J N L, van Weissenbruch Mirjam M, Hagen Anja, Smits Anne, Annaert Pieter, Franz Axel R, Allegaert Karel, 2021, In: Clinical Pharmacokinetics. 60 , p. 897-906 10 p.

Pharmacokinetic/Pharmacodynamic Modelling of Allopurinol, its Active Metabolite Oxypurinol, and Biomarkers Hypoxanthine, Xanthine and Uric Acid in Hypoxic-Ischemic Encephalopathy Neonates

Chu Wan-Yu, Annink Kim V, Nijstad A Laura, Maiwald Christian A, Schroth Michael, Bakkali Loubna El, van Bel Frank, Benders Manon J N L, van Weissenbruch Mirjam M, Hagen Anja, Franz Axel R, Dorlo Thomas P C, Allegaert Karel, Huitema Alwin D R, 2021, In: Clinical Pharmacokinetics. 61 , p. 321-333 13 p.

Cerebellar injury in term neonates with hypoxic–ischemic encephalopathy is underestimated

Annink Kim V., Meerts Lilly, van der Aa Niek E., Alderliesten Thomas, Nikkels Peter G.J., Nijboer Cora H.A., Groenendaal Floris, de Vries Linda S., Benders Manon J.N.L., Hoebeek Freek E., Dudink Jeroen 23 Sep 2020, In: Pediatric Research. 89 , p. 1171-1178 8 p.

Brain temperature of infants with neonatal encephalopathy following perinatal asphyxia calculated using magnetic resonance spectroscopy

Annink Kim, V, Groenendaal Floris, Cohen Daan, van der Aa Niek E., Alderliesten Thomas, Dudink Jeroen, Benders Manon J. N. L., Wijnen Jannie P. 1 Aug 2020, In: Pediatric Research. 88 , p. 279-284 6 p.

Introduction of Ultra-High-Field MR Imaging in Infants:Preparations and Feasibility

Annink K V, van der Aa N E, Dudink J, Alderliesten T, Groenendaal F, Lequin M, Jansen F E, Rhebergen K S, Luijten P, Hendrikse J, Hoogduin H J M, Huijing E R, Versteeg E, Visser F, Raaijmakers A J E, Wiegers E C, Klomp D W J, Wijnen J P, Benders M J N L 30 Jul 2020, In: American Journal of Neuroradiology. 41 , p. 1532-1537 6 p.

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